Can you stream your online poker game?

Online poker players, especially the successful ones, surely want to show off and become internet famous, besides making money out of their games and offering play casino online with Cozino bonuses. Actually, streaming your poker games on the internet is all the rage now as it opens new challenges and opportunities for players.

The world is full of poker hot-spots, from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, Monte Carlo and Macau, and the use of online video in the industry has increased steadily in the last decade.  Playing on live streams has become a popular thing for its many benefits, as besides keeping fans engaged, online streaming also helps players improve their games, thus becoming an important learning tool.

There are multiple platforms that allow streaming poker games, like PokerGo, Sky Poker, YouTube, and even Facebook, but the most popular one at the moment has to be

Those who want to stream online poker games via Twitch should follow some important steps in order to have a good experience from the start. First of all, players must have a relatively good PC or laptop, a quality webcam and very good Internet upload speed. Secondly, they must download and learn how to use a live streaming program such as OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).

Next, players have to create a Twitch account, which can be done using an email address or Facebook account. Afterwards, it would be ideal to familiarize yourself with the features of the platform, its dashboard and different settings by doing some test streams.  Also, setting up a delay in your stream is extremely important in order to prevent other people from knowing your cards.

It’s safe to assume that, in the beginning, your Viewership will be low, unless you already are a popular name in the poker playing world. Don’t be disappointed by that, as your following is bound to grow in time if you are consistent, keep viewers happy by showing up on schedule, answer their comments and generally do what you say you’re going to do.

Apart from putting yourself out there and increasing your visibility, live streaming has other benefits as well, such as helping you improve your strategy from one game to another, creating the opportunity to get instant feedback from your viewers, improving your discipline and motivation, as well as creating a solid revenue stream, especially if you become a Twitch partner.

Overall, the advantages of streaming poker games on video are great and with players competing for stakes of millions of dollars, viewership figures are only bound to go up. Via live streams, online poker games can be watched on any device, any platform, in any language and from any place on the globe, so if you plan on making yourself known in the industry, better start live streaming your online games right now.