Favourite Online Casino Games this Month

In the sea of casino games that get published every day, some stick around and captivate player‘s attention for much longer. Those games keep players coming back for more every day. I present you the list of those games for this month. However, one of them will always be with http://www.superbonuscode.co.uk/ for its relentless fun.

King of Macedonia

This slot game came out just a few months ago and it already has a following. The music is quite nice and the graphics are pleasant to look at. The portrait of Alexander the Great is in the focus of this design. Great detail occurs when the face of Alexander is about to be picked and the whole game slows down for more dramatic effect. The most addictive side of the game is its core- the classic gameplay everyone knows and loves.

For its fresh approach to presenting the slots themselves, I would say this game is well worth checking out and spending some time on.

Castle Builder 2

This slot game almost requires some creativity from its players. With every spin you get different castle details and materials that you can use to construct the most epic castle yet. At the completion of every castle you have the option to assign a husband to the castle princess, which is something every slots player wanted to do for a very long time, I‘m sure. There is no story here but it is a nice touch that has a nice sense of progression. Because of this, the game is for those who got tired of the same old formula.

Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes saga keeps going through blockbuster films that fill the cinema with people interested in monkeys. But the slots game I‘m writing about actually makes many slots players happy – even if they are not fans of the film. The soundtrack here does sound familiar to everyone who plays while faces from the movie can be seen very often. They are presented in full, with some nice sound effects. These spins are completely fun to play.


NetENT creation is fresh and new but it‘s filled with classic spirit and feel. It is characterized by cheerful sound effect and music. This signature game is a proud presenter of what its developer can do. Don’t miss out on this one if you’re in the market for some new classics which are emerging. This one definitely doesn’t feel like the new kid on the block among slot games.

Hall of Gods

Nordic gods are made famous by many pop culture gems among movies and TV shows. This slots game is no exception- it presents them with progressive jackpots as well. They will triple under certain conditions. This slots game is one of the favourites of 2018.

Thunderstruck 2

Second in the list of Nordic themed slots games is Thunderstruck 2. This one is a bit different than the previous one though for it is characterized by different gameplay mechanics. The art is nice to look at and the user interface will bless your mobile device. Blocks fall from the top of the screen and they displace empty spots which have exploded. If you are wondering how that looks like, be sure to play this one as Vikings did long time ago, and they liked it, so you will too.