Fortnite has Reached 40 Million Players

Epic Games’ Fortnite has reached 40 million players with over 2 million players online at the same time. This is a huge milestone that I’m sure even Epic Games is surprised by. This is all because of the game’s mode called “Battle Royale” which allows up to 100 players to join the game, but only one will win in the end. This is a very young genre that has changed the face of multiplayer gaming forever.

What Caused Such Popularity?

The story began way back when Epic Games was building their new Unreal Engine 4. Fortnite was to become the first game powered by their engine. It didn’t turn out this way. Epic was pushing some other projects instead such as the game called Paragon. They recently canceled this game because of the explosive success Fortnite Battle Royale has had.

Fortnite also has a zombie tower defense vibe to it, but this mode can only be purchased (for real money, not to be confused with any kind of virtual game tokens). Epic is working on deploying the latest updates to the game. They keep modifying the Battle Royale map and its size and number of points of interest keep growing.

What Does it Look Like?

The graphics styling of the game is cartoonish. I would say this was a great choice as this kind of graphics never goes out of style. Just look at the old Rayman games and compare them to some realistic games of the Playstation 1 era. Any Rayman game still looks presentable and could be played today with a better resolution.

The number of fighting moves players can use in Fortnite has also grown and battle arsenal is growing and becoming faster and more intense. New characters have been introduced recently in addition to the standard ones- so everyone can pick their alter ego and get into the fight and stay alive as long as possible.

As players prepare for the Season 3, I have just one hope- that this game doesn’t become a pay-to-win model, but with this kind of player base it really has no reason to. They are making enough money, especially because Fortnite recently became available on mobile devices too.

To be honest, I tried this game and other players destroyed me soon after the game even started. So far I didn’t have much luck, so that means I must keep trying. Hiding without being spotted would probably be the best idea, don’t you think?