How to live stream your games

If you wish to share your experience and gameplay somewhere on the internet these days, you can easily live stream it almost everywhere. Every social network has its live video tool. People usually live stream their gameplay for fun. Also, by live streaming, you can help people get the impression about some game before buying it. In addition, they can learn tips and tricks in order to get better. This way you are doing something good for them, and having fun yourself.


When you think of game broadcasting, the first thing that comes to your mind is Twitch. Twitch allows you to live stream your gameplay, embed it on your portal (blog), share it with others on social networks. Twitch allows you to interact with your viewers within a chat room, where viewers can share their opinions.


If you play games on Steam, you can use its broadcasting for streaming, and your audience of friends or strangers, who wants to follow you, does not have to install some additional software.

Blizzard’s (streaming for Facebook)

Blizzard’s launcher, like Stream, possesses a broadcast feature, but the streaming is restricted on Facebook Live. It can’t stream to Twitch or elsewhere. Blizzard launcher can stream only Blizzard’s games. Before using the broadcast feature, you need to sign in with a Facebook account. After you have finished this, you can use shortcut Ctrl+F1 while playing a game to start broadcasting.


Additionally, you can stream on YouTube. You are expected to sign into your YouTube account; then you have a “go live” option you should choose. These actions send you to the Stream now page. The next thing you should do is verify your account and set up your live stream encoder.

Streaming from PC

If you want to stream from a PC, some broadcasting software is required. XSplit is one of the simplest solutions, but you must subscribe if you are interested in its advanced features like custom logos and annotations. It will work for basic usage, but for those who want a more powerful, yet free tool, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is recommended.

PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 can stream directly to Twitch, which eases the broadcasting. What you need to do first while playing a game is press the “share” button. Next, you need to choose an online service and link your account. You should name your stream and after that select “Start Broadcast” to begin streaming.


If your Xbox has a Kinect camera installed, you can give it a voice command like “Xbox, start recording” and it will start a clip. Without a Kinect, you can do the following actions: Double-tap the Xbox button, and after that choose “Snap an app” and then Game DVR. When you want to record, choose “Start recording.” This will record a clip lasting up to five minutes. When you have finished recording, choose “Stop recording” from the menu. In the end, you should select the option “Show my clips” if you want to save any clips or they will be deleted automatically.