Mobile Games for Couples

Relationships need fun and games- and also more fun and more games. I present you a short list of mobile games you can try out with your partner. Some are classics (turn-based) while others are new ideas that are catching on. No matter what you pick to try out from this list, fun is guaranteed.


When I heard about the idea of Ingress, I thought this was the future of geographical gaming. It is a game that combines the virtual world with the real one. Pokemon Go is in the same genre. The story begins with energy showing up in the world and then two sides of people emerge- those who deny the energy and those who accept the energy. Try it out together with your partner and find out if they will be on your team or not. Either way, it could be a lot of fun reaching the real world destination in order to capture the energy checkpoints. They are normally located at the monuments or some other kinds of cultural objects so looking for these can also be a discovery of your surroundings.

Words with Friends

This app is filled with classic games such as Chess and other turn-based games. However, to play these you and your partner don’t have to be in the same room. Let the fun begin.

Pokemon Go

This game probably doesn’t need much introduction. Pokemon Go is the world phenomenon that took the world by storm only a couple of years ago. We could see rivers of people running down the street to catch their pokemon. With this game you and your partner can go on this adventure together and go after even the most dangerous pokemon. The game had numerous updates that further improve the gameplay mechanics. Be sure to join this movement and share special moments with your partner. Just don’t go catch the pokemon that belongs to them- that’s a big no-no in this game. However, if you share a powerup- that is seen as a very nice gesture that should be very welcomed.

Pokemon come in all shapes and sizes. Their names range from strange to really weird and impossible to pronounce. Their powers are so diverse that you can barely keep track. My advice to you is to try and keep as many pokemon as you can, as sending them away might be dangerous for them.

Pokemon Go has somewhat lost its charm because of some questionable updates but the player base is still big enough to make the game worth presenting in this list. Share a Pokemon Go adventure with your partner today, as long as the weather is nice and you are not doing it while driving (like some people).