News from the world of online gaming

Here are the top news from the online gaming world

Online service from Nintendo for the Switch

Nintendo is getting ready to launch a paid online service for the Switch console in September. This Japanese gaming company presented the characteristics of this service. It will allow access to the list of twenty Nintendo games from the NES console, and cloud backup for game saves. Also, the whole family can sign onto one account, since they bring in the family subscription model. The price of the subscription will be $3.99 a month, $7.99 every three months or $19.99 for the whole year. An annual family membership will cost $34.99.

WoW attacker sentenced to jail in the US

A World of Warcraft gamer has been jailed because of the cyber-attack which obstructed the service in Europe. Calin Mateias from Romania overloaded the servers of Blizzard Entertainment in the period from February to September 2010. He conducted the distributed denial of service (DDoS) in order to prevent rivals from logging in. He pleaded guilty of causing damage to a protected computer. He was said to be motivated for this deed by his childish desire to beat all of the rivals and be the best.

Thirteen-year-old is the youngest professional Fortnite player

Kyle Jackson, a boy from Kent, is a member of Team Secret Fortnite, consisting of four members playing under the name “Mongraal”. He started playing games at the age of eight, and three years later he discovered his talent for gaming. He realized he was always on top of the scoreboard for every game he played. He improves his gaming skills by playing games all day during the holidays.  Kyle takes part in the competitions all over the world, and his parents support him. His father travels with him everywhere he goes.

New levels for Doom and Super Mario games

AI network created the new video game levels for Doom. Experts say that the technique used in these levels may be used for quicker and cheaper creation of the video games in the future. The researchers used neural networks, generator and discriminator, to make a set of images from each level to give the AI the allowed area for walking, walls, floor height and objects. As for Super Mario game, similar approach was used. These levels are still being tested, so they are not accessible.