The types of online poker players

In every game you play, you meet different types of players or opponents. Every one of them has their own style of playing and their own attitude toward the game. In order to be able to beat them, you have to learn to read the hidden signs of their behavior and to “read their mind”. Before you find a bonus code for playing such as on, you need to realize that when playing poker (either online or live), it is very important to spot the moves and decisions your opponent makes. It can lead you to predicting their next move and help you win.

Calling Station

This type of players is defined as the players that do not know what the fold button is for. They have only one move and this is “call”. Their characteristic is not being aggressive even when they have good hands. In order to handle them, you should never try to bluff them. They use their call move even when they do not have good hands, so you are advised to make smaller bets.


This type of players is known as extreme players. This means that they are capable of sitting for hours and hoping for the best cards. If you want to handle their style of playing you are advised to ignore them and just fold if they start rolling.


They are called this way because they are wild. They will play every hand, raise or re-raise with any two cards. This type of player just wants to have a good time playing. They are supremely aggressive. When you have a maniac among your opponents, you should motivate him to bluff, but try to keep away from bluffing yourself and play tight.


Nit players like to fold. They have experience with poker which makes them think they are experts for the game. Nits hate bluffing, with contibets being the only exception, so don’t follow them when they start to raise. If a nit raises, bets on every turn, he is almost certain of having the best cards.

Weak Tight Players

The main flaw of these players is that they do not know how to deal with aggression and they are usually not brave enough to make the right decision. You should attack them the acceptable raises at the certain moment if you want to take their money.

Tight Aggressive

Their style of playing is king style. You just have to try to find their weaknesses, if there are any. This is a good way to get experience by playing with them. In this way, you can find weaknesses in your own play, too.

Loose Aggressive

The style of this player is characteristic for playing a lot of hands and doing it aggressively. They are self-controlled maniacs. The good players of this kind make profits after the flop. They put themselves in marginal situations where they can make the right decisions. This type of players can’t be found in lower limits.


This type of players makes stupid moves whose point no one understands. They are passive players who like to bluff. They bet and raise for no reason. They are loose and passive and they change their style too many times during the game. You should play standard poker with this kind of players and observe them very closely and then you can start taking their money.


All the styles considered, it is very important to possess psychological skills when playing a game of poker. Every player gets good hands, it is only a question of careful observation and prediction of the opponents moves whether you will win the game.