What is better for gaming – a PC or a console?

Types of PCs and consoles

When choosing a device for playing games, you can either choose a PC or a console. There are two types of PCs, desktop and laptop. The desktop is rather chosen than the laptop because it has better performance and it is cheaper than gaming laptops. If you choose a console over a PC, there is a wider variety of console types. You have ordinary consoles, such as PlayStation and Xbox for which there is the richest selection of games; or family consoles, such as Switch and 3DS where the whole family or a group of friends can enjoy playing games.

How much money do you need?

Consoles popularized gaming since they were much cheaper than PCs. They last longer, meaning that one console will be up-to-date for about 5 years before the new one from the next generation comes out. Another benefit considering consoles is that you can buy used games from someone, or resell them when you don’t play them anymore. Moreover, consoles are standard while PCs consist of a lot of different components which have to be bought separately (for example, graphics card, motherboard, and processor) and this is an extra spending if you want to increase the gaming enjoyment.

On the other hand, a PC is cheaper since you will need it for other things than gaming, so why spend money on two gadgets when you can buy one and use it for many different things. It is cheaper taking a long-term period into account. If your PC runs into a problem, service costs you less than for a console. Also, the warranty for a PC lasts longer than for a console.

Choice of games

Majority of games made today are console oriented and adapted for PCs later (if ever). The consoles are more popular these days than PCs. Sometimes, games get ported as fast as within a few months, while for some you need to wait for years. On the other hand, there are games that you’ll never find for consoles, like “World of Warcraft,” and “League of Legends”, and they are very popular among gamers.


No matter when the console game was released, if it’s designed for a specific console, it will work regardless of the time difference between the releases of the console and the game. PCs are a bit different. There a lot of different types of hardware, so gamers might not be able to launch some newer games on an older PC configuration. In addition, there are also examples of the games which are not optimized and don’t run adequately no matter how powerful the PC configuration is.

On the other hand, backward compatibility is different. PCs allow backward compatibility with a few configuration adjustments, so games might be played regardless of the release date.

Console’s backwards compatibility does not work as easy. For example, PlayStation is infamous for designing games for a single console’s version, which doesn’t permit enjoying it within other versions. Though, the Xbox One is fully compatible with older Xbox releases. This might change in the future, but do not count on it. Also, console makers might add extra services in the future that will be required in order to play an older game on a newer console version.


All the things considered, there are a lot of benefits in favor of consoles, and real gamers prefer them to PCs. They are cheaper, they last longer, and the choice of games for them is always wider. This means that if you really want to enjoy your gaming experience, you should always choose a console over a PC.